Planning Consultation

Along with other local resident associations, the SCCA attended a meeting with Croydon Council’s Planning Development Manager which was organised by the Chatsworth Residents Association in January. We conveyed our concerns about the inappropriateness of some new developments, in terms of scale and design. 

Though the new proposed Planning Act, currently in consultation, supposedly introduces the need for developers and planners to meet a criterion for good design or “beauty”, it is unclear how this subjective judgement is to be made relevant to local residential settings.

The White Paper proposes that individual representations and objections to new planning applications are scrapped to accelerate building developments.

The SCCA attended online meetings held by an alliance of residents’ groups in the south of the borough and our South Croydon councillors. Following that, the SCCA submitted its  response to the consultation for England.  

You can read our response here.

Feedback on Plans for Park Hill Park

Park Hill Park: Transform the Walled Garden
Feedback on Plans by Tuesday 7th July
Over the last two years the Friends of Park Hill Park (FoPHP) have been working on a project to “Transform the Walled Garden”. The project aims to deliver:

  • New paths inside the flower beds for disabled and pushchair use
  • Install new disabled paths and a meeting/performance space in the Peace Garden [middle large bed]
  • New planting in the Walled Garden

The FoPHP have just published an updated design with new illustrations and are requesting feedback and comments by this Tuesday, 7th July.

The new design is different in appearance to that shown in the illustration used during crowd funding and they are giving people an opportunity to review it and submit feedback.

You can see a summary of the plan on the SCCA Facebook page and the full Summer 2020 update report on the Friends’ website.

Please send your feedback, comments or questions to

Croydon CV19 Mutual Aid

The SCCA is working with the Croydon CV19 Mutual Aid (CCMA) to provide help to people in need of food parcels, shopping or someone to talk to during the crisis.

The CCMA is a network of neighbourhood groups run by local volunteers working alongside other voluntary organisations and charities. There are a number of neighbourhood groups set up in South Croydon, using WhatsApp to link volunteers.

You can find more information about the CCMA on their Facebook page and website.

We encourage you to join your local WhatsApp group if you wish to volunteer to help or simply to be in contact with neighbours. Contact us at if you’d like advice on which groups have been set up in your area or use the CCMA Map.

If you’d like to volunteer, you can also fill in the South Croydon Mutual Aid survey and we’ll let you know which group you can join.

If you’re in need of help with anything including:

  • Shopping or prescriptions
  • Urgent supplies e.g. food
  • Dog walking
  • A friendly chat

then please contact us at (non-urgent) or call the CCMA Helpline on 020  3322 8379 (8am – 8pm daily).

Police Ward Panel Meeting

The next South Croydon Ward Panel meeting with the local Police takes place on Thursday 13th February 2020 at 7pm.

Location: The Gallery, Emmanuel Centre, Normanton Road, South Croydon, CR2 7AQ

All welcome to come and contribute to how South Croydon can be better policed.

SCCA AGM and Ideas for 2020

The next SCCA meeting will take place from 7.00pm to 8.30pm 
on Monday 3rd February 2020
at Croham Road Baptist Church Hall, 52 Croham Road, South Croydon CR2 7BA


This will be a relaxed, informal meeting to share and discuss ideas about what we can do in South Croydon during 2020. We already have some proposals, particularly regarding the environment, but we’d really like to hear your suggestions.

We will also have brief reports on 2019 as part of the AGM.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

The meeting is open to anyone who lives or works in South Croydon.

Doors open at 6.45pm and we aim to finish the meeting no later than 8.30pm.

SCCA Response to Croydon Local Plan Review

The South Croydon Community Association (SCCA) has submitted its response to the Croydon Local Plan Review.

SCCA Response to the Croydon Plan Review

This is the product of a range of activities: participation in Local Plan Review workshops, visits to the drop-in exhibition at the Whitgift Centre, informal meetings and correspondence with individual spatial planners, and an open public meeting organised by the SCCA.

We encourage residents to contribute to the online survey by the deadline of Monday 20th January 2020:

Continue reading

SCCA Festive Party

The annual SCCA festive party will take place on Thursday 16th January from 7.30pm.

As usual, it will take place at an SCCA member’s home and there will be a charge (of around £12) to cover the cost of food. Everyone is encouraged to bring drinks.

If you wish to come, or have any questions, please contact John at by Friday 10th January.

SCCA Meeting: Local Plan for South Croydon

SCCA Meeting to discuss Croydon Council’s Local Plan for South Croydon

Date: Monday 6th January 2020

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: Croham Road Baptist Church Hall, 52 Croham Road CR2 7BA

Croydon Council is consulting residents on the revisions to its Local Plan to address the climate emergency and housing shortage.

The plan includes details of how many new homes the council aims to provide across the borough, including specific targets for South Croydon.

The SCCA is holding a public meeting on 6th January to discuss the details of the plan, particularly those pertaining to South Croydon. We will then submit a response to the council, on behalf of our community, reflecting the views and questions arising at the meeting, or sent to us at

Further information can be found online:

South Croydon Police Panel Meeting

Live or work in South Croydon? 
Have your say on making South Croydon safe from crime
Meet up with the local police liaison team at the the forthcoming Police Panel Meeting for the South Croydon Ward area

Date: Friday, 23 August

Time: 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Venue: The Emmanuel Centre, Normanton Road, South Croydon, CR2 7AF

No booking necessary. Come along to raise any issues or contact the SCCA if you can’t attend so we can represent you.

See the reported crime stats for July 2019 in South Croydon.