Battle for central Croydon

As we near the final competition stage between Hammerson and Westfield over the £1 billion investment redevelopment plans for central Croydon, it is worth reflecting on what either side has planned. A report in September stated that Westfield had submitted their plans for review, and Hammerson presented their plans to our SCCA General meeting in November. Both schemes show a considerable redevelopment, with Westfield strongly hinting at bringing someone like John Lewis to Croydon.

The Hammerson offering seems to indicate a much wider scheme that includes more of central Croydon than the Westfield one, especially given that they own the Centrale site and will be including that in their proposal. Both plans seem to show a change to connection with East Croydon station and the new bridge, as well as considerable change to street design and shop-front redressing. New residential properties are also included in both plans, and these are mostly based on apartments in high-rise developments along Wellesley road. Despite our personal view of what is planned, this does seem to be the shot-in-the-arm that Croydon needs.

In separate conversations with Councillors, Queens gardens seems to be a focus for a better town square when Tabener House comes down. A high-rise will replace it, but the plans seem to indicate a much smaller building.

Hammerson’s website:
Hammerson’s Croydon website

The Westfield website:
Westfield’s Croydon plans

I strongly suggest you review both schemes and voice your concerns or preference.